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The Xpression Lagos Braid Attachment is Pre-stretched, designed with a natural tip finish, which can be directly worn out of the bag. It provides a complete solution for your braiding.

The X-pression Lagos Braids are super soft, tangle-free, and lightweight, ensuring easy braiding throughout. It has hot water curling properties and is flame retardant.

Styling Ideas

You can use the Xpression Lagos Braid Attachment to make:

Box Braids

Boho/Goddess Braids

Basket weaves




French Curl Braids

Braided Wigs


Styling Tips

Use a styling gel or wax for sleeked down edges, baby hairs, clean parts, grip, and shine.


Hair Care and Maintenance

For a long lasting look, always tuck your braids into your hair net or wrap before going to bed.


Massage leave-in conditioner into your scalp regularly to keep it moisturized and give your scalp a refreshing feel.


Cover your hair with a swimming or shower cap if you want to swim or shower and if your hair comes in contact with water, ensure you dry properly to keep your braids smelling good.

X-Pression Lagos Braid

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